November 7, 2013

Sometimes Saying Good-Bye Is A Good Thing.

This past week a group of us had dinner at a nice restaurant called RaSushi to celebrate my sissy's promotion with her job. All of her close friends, co-workers, and managers came together to send her off. It had to be at least 40 of us "photo-bombing" each others potential instagram pics and being silly. Don't let the outfit fool you I know how to have a good ol' time! Speaking of which, are we liking my look for dinner? I'm H&M'd out! Minus the bag and shoes, ha!
If you stingers follow me on Instagram you know I've been stalking those Tom Ford strappy heels for months! So since then I've been on a hunt for a pair of lookalikes, because I mean let's be real ain't nobody got time for that! You can only imagine how filled with joy I was when I got my hands on a pair of these. I almost started break dancing right on the sales floor until I remembered I was in public. Hmm, I think I found my current obsession in my closet.
 All similar finds: H&M blouse, H&M skirt, Charlotte Russe shoes, Ralph Lauren clutch

An Open Letter To My Sissy:
So while I'm typing this I'm trying my best not to get too emotional because let's face it I cry at just about everything. Since we were little I looked up to you. You were the person I could run to when so called friends treated me poorly and turned my their back on me. When "best friends came and left you were the one still in my corner never leaving my side. Gosh, I went through so many stages in my life where I didn't know who I was and felt like a total outcast. You loved me through it all and never looked down on me or turned your back, you were my best friend. Decisions I made that you may have not agreed with, when I came crying back instead of telling me I told you so you gave me your shoulder to cry on. You are the most trustworthy person I know on this earth. I can tell you my most deepest darkest secret and you will literally take it to your grave. You are never the one to speak badly of anyone or tear anyone down. You truly treat others the way you would want to be treated. You are a women of class and charisma. You look into the inner rather than the outer appearance of others. You believe in the good of people and don't leave room for judgement. You have a rare beauty sis that not all of us women can obtain. Your beauty comes from within. You don't need to rely on vanity and that's when you're the most beautiful. Now sissy you're a little tough but what can I say you are our mother's twin. You tell me the honest living truth even when I don't want to hear it. But sometimes that's exactly what I need. Lord knows you've never been cut out to be my "yes man." Ha! One of us had to be the strong one to hold it all together when everything goes wrong. You never show a sign of defeat and I'm not sure if you do that for me but it does gives me a sense of comfortability to think that everything is going to be ok. You have to be the most smartest, hardworking, driven person I know. When you start something you don't quit until you finish. Take your job for example, you started from the bottom and worked your way up to the top. Within 5 years you accomplished so much, gained so much growth and you're still going! I can definitely look to you for example. Gosh, I just hope I can be at least half the women you are when I turn 23. To my favorite Starbucks drinking valley girl congratulations once again on your promotion. I'm so proud of you, no one deserved it more than you sissy. I know it's only bigger and better opportunities for you at this point.

                                                              Your little sissy B.

October 9, 2013

The Tweed Jacket.

 I normally have a current obsession sitting in my closet and at the moment it's this lovely navy tweed jacket from JCrew. What I love about it the most is that it's light weight and not your usual stiff and heavy tweed material. It can be worn anytime of the year and paired up with just about anything. I decided to pair it up with blue tones to give it a classic touch. Everything I'm wearing is from JCrew.


Gosh, I love this city. NY is where my heart is, where I feel like I belong. It feels like home! It's such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. A place where you can maybe lose yourself but find yourself too. 

                                                                        Xo, B

October 1, 2013

Make A Statement!

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to visit New York and I had so much fun! I got to meet up with old friends that I haven't seen in years, and spend time with my family.  This was my second time visiting the big apple and I still feel like I haven't seen everything. One of my biggest regrets was not having the opportunity to go see Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway. That's like my favorite musical of all times and I had my heart set on crossing that off my bucket list. I actually learned a valuable lesson on that trip, sometimes when you over plan things tend to not go as planned. The spontaneous moments from my trip were actually my most favorite. I can't wait to go again! Traveling is something I really enjoy doing, I started writing a list of places I would like to visit and what I would want to maybe do when I get there. This time around, I'll be sure to leave room on my itinerary to do some unplanned exploring!  
When getting dressed, I like to pick out one thing that I want to make a statement with and build my outfit from there. In this case my necklace was the target. I decided to wear it with a yellow blouse so it would pop even more. I wanted my lip and bag color to have accents of the necklace color so it would bring more of a balance to my look. I'm already thinking of different things I want to pair this gorgeous necklace with! 

JCrew Necklace, JCrew Top, Ralph Lauren bag, Levis Jeans, JCrew Shoes

September 9, 2013

Fall In Love!

Sweater (H&M Seen here in gray) Necklace (Forever21) Bag (Aldo Similar here) Pants (JCrew) Boots (Bakers)
Am I the only one in love with the season of Fall?? I'm totally obsessed! Don't get me wrong, this girl enjoys her summers but there's nothing like boots season. I just can't get enough! For this look, I was going for effortlessly chic. This H&M sweater is so comfortable I can sleep in it. It comes in three different colors; gray, purple, and camel (which I got as well.) I really like the deepness in the color too. I decided to pair the sweater up with boots and a deep purple lip. How are you all liking my look?
June 7, 2013

50 Shades of Camel

Blazer Forever21 (old) Shirt JCP (old) Pants Forever21 (old) Oxfords Bakers Shoes (old)

Has any of you seen Fast 6 yet?? That movie was beyond amazing, my best friend and I were practically holding our breath the entire movie! I won't ruin it for the ones that have not seen it, but just expect a Fast 7 to come your way some time next summer. I'm a true movie lover so I jump at any opportunity to see a good film. This is my look I wore to catch the movie.
April 10, 2013

Oh Baby!

This past weekend I attended my cousin's baby shower over at Brio restaurant. She got a private room for a guest list of 50 whom all did not know each other. So, we decided to go around the table and introduce ourselves. We played cute little baby games and enjoyed delicious dishes. In honor of Spring, I decided to wear this nice bold color. It's between an orange and red shade which I thought was a great color against my skin tone. I paired it up with camel tones in my belt, shoes and bag.

February 11, 2013

The Classics

    Blazer Forever21 | Blouse Forever21 | Pants Charlotte Russe | Heels Bakers Shoes | Bag Aldo |  Necklace Express

January 15, 2013

Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet EST Dressed!

Everyone tunes into the Golden Globes awards show for different reasons. Some may watch to find out who is this years' host and how well they do to make the audience laugh. Perhaps the nominees for "best actress in a movie or television series" is what they look forward to. Me? I tune in to see who wore what and how they looked wearing it! Here are my favorite looks from this year's Golden Globes award show!
Jessica Alba in Oscar De Larenta | Gulianna Rancic in Celia Kritharioti | Kerry Washiongton in Miu Miu
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