January 30, 2012

Fucshia & Nude.

                              Forever 21 dress, earrings, & belt. Jessica Simpson pumps.                               

When I first seen this dress on the rack while attempting to window shop, it was love at first site! It was one of those things that I seen in the store for months and told myself, "Sabine if it's meant to be it will be there next week, and the week after that." So when I stumbled upon it for the hundreth time, I knew it was God's doing. Haha! (: Anywho, this is my first attempt with a purple lipstick. I thought it turned out great, what do you guys think?
 Let me tell you the history behind those heels, I had them for years. However, I always thought the heel was a bit too short for my liking. Lately I've been trying to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn, so I really think the height is appropiate! Look ladies it took me a while to give in too, but it's so much more classy and comfortable!

Evening Seduction by China Glaze, Forever21 earrings.

January 28, 2012

Introducing Men's Style: Ryan Gosling

He won our hearts over and made us cry in the romance novel turned to film, The Notebook and has made us laugh ridiculously hard in Crazy, Stupid, Love. See why Ryan Gosling has all of Hollywood buzzing about him!

I've realized that women celebrities are talked upon more than the men. Why you may ask? Well for starters, they practically all dress the same, no one has caught our eyes in a while. Ryan, however changed all that last year. Dreamy, gorgeous, cute, of course he's all of those things! But he is also a man of individual style, which makes him even more appealing! From his tailored looks on the red carpet, to his   
casual polished looks off,  Ryan's effortless sense of style is sexy.

Ryan Gosling is the ONLY guy I know who can pull off a green suit from head-to-toe!! If you want to get his look, keep it clean. Go for preppy and a little bit of an old hollywood twist. Ryan has managed to transform menswear classics.

Below I have put together a "Ryan look."

Places to shop this look:
Urban outfitters
January 12, 2012

Jason Wu For Target!

Yes I know as crazy as it sounds, it's true! Michelle Obama's favorite designer Jason Wu is launching a new line at Target! Wow, a collaboration hasn't been this antcipating since Versace and H&M! Jason knows how to make affordable look so good.Wu said in statement, "By working with Target I was able to create an accessible collection that reflects my sophisticated design aesthetic. As with my main collection, special attention has been considered into every detail and I can't wait to see girls wearing and enjoying the collection."

The 53-piece collection is filled with variety of printed scarfs, classic styled handbags, button-up blouses, and high waisted skirts. There are also nautical colors seen on a lot of looks, along with colors like black and mustard.
Jason took inspiration from the idea of an American girl in Paris, but there's also a feline friend involved - Milu, Wu's exclusive muse for Target. She can be seen on a t-shirt, tote bag and scarf, as well as in the collection's marketing campaign.

The line will be lauching on February 5th, and the price ranges from $19.99-$59.99

It's a line of great style on a real girl budget!
January 6, 2012

The President Shirt

Forever21skirt & blouse, Express blazer & leggings, Steve Madden flats & bag.

I had this shirt for years! I am a religious repeater. I honestly believe in getting a kick out of a buy. With that being said, I'm always finding an alternative way to wear an item. When I woke up this morning I thought to myself, how would Olivia Palermo wear this? She loves accessories such as cocktail rings, and I do as well so it worked out perfectly. Since the skirt is super short, I decided to pair it up with leggings to create more of a classy look. Many may not agree, but I predict that president tops will become a classic piece in the near future. I mean let's face it, history repeats itself and they've been around since George Washington was in office! Haha, I crack myself up! Anywho, another great option is pairing up the blouse with wide leg pants, or a high waisted pencil skirt. Whatever look you go with, you'll be super chic! Have a great weekend guys!
January 4, 2012

The Maxi Skirt.

The skirt that was extremely popular in the 1970's but is definitely making a comeback! Now call me crazy, but I think I have found my latest obsession since blazers! I think the skirt whether it's to the ankle or underneath the knee, is so fashionable!

How to wear it?
The great thing about the skirt is that you can wear it however you want. You can dress it up with a blazer and platforms, or you can go for a more casual look with a knit sweater and ballet flats. The whole idea is to make a statement with the skirt, so don't be afraid to go for prints or bold colors. Make sure you wear the skirt to flatter your figure. Depending on your frame, you can go for a look with your top tucked out and probably do a layer piece such as a cardigan or a blazer. Also, you can tuck in the top to show off your shape! The main essential when doing this look is a belt cause it brings everything together. Below, I put together some photos to get your mind going with ideas!

My Look (:

Forever21 blouse & belt, skirt (was a christmas gift) clutch from my mom's closet, Charlotte Russe ring, kohls boots.

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