January 7, 2013

Mng by Mango

Blazer Mng by Mango, Blouse Worthington, Skirt Worthington, bag Steve Madden

There's just something about color blocking that makes getting dressed so much fun. I try not to pay too much attention to rules like I use to, I just make sure that there is a balance with whatever colors I go for. With this look, I paid attention to details. I admire the buttons on both my blazer, skirt, and there is also gold accents on the collar of my shirt. This is the latest blazer added to my collection and I have to say it may be my new favorite! Part of the reason that is because it was a christmas gift from one of my best friends, and I really like how it has sort of a sailor feel to it. I'm already thinking of different looks that I want to put together with my blazer. Hmm, perhaps all white or stripes? Whatever choice I go with I'll make sure to keep you all posted! (:



  1. The color blocking looks fantastic! And you're right, color blocking is just so much fun! :) Also, that jacket is amazing. I'm sure you'll wear it with some great outfits! xo

    1. Yes! I'm so excited about creating looks with my blazer. Thanks for checking out my blog, be sure to follow!


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