August 28, 2012

Talk Tuesday: Q&A With Delightfully Tacky!

Hey stingers! This past week I had the opportunity to interview the talented Elizabeth, creator of the blog "Delightfully Tacky." Her purpose for starting the blog was to share her personal style, creations, and other lovely things. Elizabeth's story on her personal journey is like no other. Full of life and inspiration, this Alaskan girl at heart is super sweet with a noteworthy style that has a way of winning you over. She is also an amazing artist and photographer.  Check out the interview below.

Q: So, why the name "Delightfully Tacky?"

A: "Delightfully Tacky, as always" was a phrase I doodled about a year before I started my blog, and when I went to start it, "Delightfully Tacky" seemed like the perfect description of my taste and style.
Elizabeth wearing a (DIY) watermelon skirt. (See here)

Q:What are some of your favorite bloggers?

A: Maiedaie, The Clothes Horse, Making Nice in the Midwest, Skunkboy Creatures, The Friendly Fox, Advanced Style, Orchid Grey, etc etc...

Q: Aww, I enjoy The Clothes Horse too! Her style is different and I definitely think one of the things that set everyone apart is their own personal style, how would you describe yours?

A: Vintage inspired, with influences from pin up culture, the 70's, street style, and other style bloggers.  

Q:Love Vintage! You definitely have your own original look, where does your inspiration come from?

A: Lots of places.  Most frequently I'm inspired by other bloggers.  I like seeing bloggers interpret vintage styles and how they infuse modern looks into their outfits.  I really like layering, and I think I'm probably pretty inspired by the seasons.

Q:What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

A: I like thrifting and shopping at vintage stores, as well as online shops like Modcloth and Ruche. 

Q: This year's summer was a great season for trends, name your top three essentials that you feel can transition into fall?

A: I'm pretty oblivious to trends.  I'm excited to wear boots, scarves, and blazers as fall approaches, though!

Q: What is some advice you would like to share with other aspiring fashion bloggers?

A: Take great photos, be yourself and never compromise your integrity for anyone, and don't get sucked into the rat race. 

I want to personally thank Elizabeth for allowing me to feature her on The B Stinger! 
Be sure to check out her blog Delightfully Tacky! How did you guys enjoy the Q&A session? Do you guys want to see more features on the B stinger and if so about what? Leave a comment giving your feedback, I would love to hear from you!
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