February 4, 2013

Hello February

My favorite month of the year, February is here! Woot! Woot! Ok, so maybe I am bias to the month of February because my birthday is actually in February. Speaking of months, I haven't blogged for close to a month and I really want try to do better with consistency. Often times when I do become overwhelmed with other responsibilities, the first thing I put on hold is my blog. So with the new year still in motion, I've created goals and one of them is to stay a little more focused on blogging. I do however want to thank my loyal readers because I'm not sure I would be this far without the help of you guys! With that being said, let's talk fashion! When wearing this skirt I wanted to be sure to bring out two colors. I decided to play with the coral and green. Another option of color choices to go with would be yellow or olive green. I didn't choose the white or black because I didn't think it would make the skirt pop as much. I'm not usually a big fan of my shoes matching my bag but it seemed to work out perfectly with my look. 

Blouse Liz Claiborne, Skirt Worthington, Wedges Jennifer Lopez (old), Bag Express

Thanks for checking out my blog! I truly appreciate all my readers, be sure to hit the follow button. 


  1. OMG... I'm in LOVE with that skirt. The WHOLE outfit, actually.

  2. Ok.... I'm following now :) gorge from hair to heels


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