October 28, 2011

Hot As Leather!!

Winter is near and I've been waiting for this time all year so I can pull out my leather jacket from the back of my closet! If I could I would wear it year round but that's sort of a fashion no-no! Leather jackets are great items to have and you can wear them anyway you want. No matter what type of style you have a leather jacket can complete the look!


Kelly Rowland

Jessica Alba

Hilary Duff

Chanel Iman

Frankie Sanford

Kim Kardashian

Lauren Conrad

Megan Good

Victoria Beckham

Hayden Panettiere

Beyonce knowles

The Biker Style Jacket

There are different styles of leather jackets, if I would have to choose one style I like the most it would have to be the "biker style" leather jacket. It's so edgy and gives you a bit of a mens feel. you can pair it up with a graphic tee, ripped jeans and combat boots or a cute floral print dress and flats. Stores that you can find this style of a leather jacket is Express, H&M, Urban Outfitters and even Forever21! Careful when choosing the right type of leather because some materials tend to look cheap. I always thought one of the greatest investments you can make for your wardrobe is a nice leather jacket! It's something that if you take care of will last you for seasons and seasons to come! 

October 26, 2011

LC Lauren Conrad

Ok call me crazy but I was a die hard fan for the hit reality TV show series, Laguna Beach! I thought it was so cool how they took a group of high school teens and filmed their everyday life. It was definitely something we all could relate to and the drama was crazy! When I heard the show wasn't getting picked up for another season I was devastated. But what came after changed my life for ever!! THE HILLS!! That was my all time favorite show and still is! The main reason I watched it was for Lauren, who was known as LC from Laguna Beach. Whether you were curious of knowing if Heidi and Lauren were going to ever speak again or if Audrina and Justin Bobby were going get back together; one thing is for sure, we were all tuning in every week to get a glimpse of what Lauren would be wearing next! And after several seasons of wardrobe changes she never seem to disappoint us. No doubt Lauren's style has evolved and although The Hills is done and over with (tear..) we get to still keep up with her different looks through her clothing lines! Whether she's rocking the casual look or the red carpet, she always look great!

OBSESSED with blazers! This outfit is super cute & so effortless
 at the same time!

The gray beanie is a perfect finish to this cool
 casual look!

I love how she dressed up this casual look with a pair of
tan platform heels!

Adding a scarf can instantly add color to a
 simple look!

Knit sweaters make great friends! (:

This dress fits her petite size perfectly!

She knew to cover on top if she wanted to
expose the bottom!

Great neckline! The belt is perfect at the wait to have more of a tighter fit!

Time for you to choose, which look is your favorite?

Lauren style is so classy chic! She likes to keep things looking simple and as if it literally took her a few seconds to throw it on! 
Want to get Lauren's looks? Here are some cool stores to checkout! They're great and affordable!

Forever 21
Cotton On
American Eagle Outfitters

So if you want to get the "LC look" just keep two things in mind: think cute but at the same time stay comfortable!

October 14, 2011

Let's Style It Up!

We're usually on the go a majority of our day. Us girls are never worried about traffic on the way to work today, if we forgot to submit our essay to our english professor or if we made sure to remember to clean our room before going out to the movies with friends. No, we are worried about what we have on at the time being! Whether our style is laid back, girly, or whimsical every girl wants to look good.
Below I put together a few different looks for different occasions!

Dinner Date

Great look for a date! It's not showing too much but still shows some type of effort was put in to show your interested! 
I paired up a sheer, long sleeve, navy blue, and polka dot top. Underneath is a black cami. 
To follow is some black leggings and to add a little color pair it up with some colored wedges! 
To bring everything together I added a brown belt at the waist.
Want more of a daytime look?
Try a pair of wide legs instead of the leggings, tuck in the top and wear the belt  in the jeans instead. Switch out the wedges for a pair of ballet flats (red or tan.) And there you have it, a whole new look!

Want this look? Check out these store!

Polka dot top: Nordstorm rack
Cami: Forever21
Leggings: Forever21
Belt: Forever21
Wedges: Bakers shoes

Fashion Show

So everyone knows when you attend a fashion show it's not only about the looks on the runway but in the audience as well. So it's important to get noticed in a good way and a perfect way to say a statement without saying anything at all is your outfit!
I put together a nice satin top with a bow, dress styled shorts, polka dot stockings and black ballet flats. And don't forget the cute little bag with the adorable bow!

Want more of a daytime look?
Let's pair the satin top with a nice printed flirty skirt and a pair of nude flats. 
And it's a whole alternative way to wear the main essential!

Want this look? Check out these stores!

Satin Top: Zara
Shorts: Forever21
Stockings: Express
Ballet Flats: W shoes
Bag: Express

Church Service

I love this look to attend church because it's modest and conservative. It's not doing too much but it still lets others know that your stylish! It's not too matchy but the colors compliment each other perfect! The sheer long sleeve top pairs up great with the khaki skirt and to add a little "umph" I threw in a belt! 

Want more of a night time look? 
Wear the sheer top with a pair of dark rinsed skinny jeans and don't tuck the shirt in. For shoes wear a pair of brown thigh high boots. Unbutton two buttons and wear a skinny long gold chain but double it leaving one loop snugged to your neck and the other long! And there you have it a day to night look! 

Want to get this look? Check these stores out!

Sheer Top: Forever21
Skirt: The Limited
Belt: Forever21 
                                                                                   School Day                                          
 If you know me you know how obsessed I am with blazers! I own about 7 of them! I think they can bring any outfit alive. You want to look great for a day at school but still feel comfortable. It's all about balance! I wore something fitted at the top so I decided to wear boyfriend fit jeans for a more loose fit at the bottom. I threw on some tan flats which are now known as my everyday flats cause I am able to throw them on with everything! 
Now if your looking for a more night time look we can do the blazer, top and add a pair of colored skinny jeans in the mix. Maybe a burgundy pair or camel color to be specific to tuck the shirt into. Let's go with a pair of platform heels and your good to go!

Want to get this look?
Blazer: Gap
Shirt: Kohl's
Jeans: Hollister
Flats: Steve Madden
Watch: Guess Accessories

My look tells you I shop everywhere! I think it's important to dip your finger in different  cookie jars! How else will you know what flavor cookie you like better?

Contact me dolls!

Want to be featured in my next post showing off your personal style or being used as a model for me to style? Send your photos and info to my e-mail below! Looking forward to hearing from you! (:

- Sabinejean02@gmail.com

October 12, 2011

Friends With Benefits Take Two!

Style is about knowing who you are and expressing it through your clothes! I always believed that your style is more than just your appearance as far as your clothing goes, it's about how you carry yourself as well. Your demeanor and how you treat others, it's who you are!

Name: Amanda
How would you describe your style?:  I would describe my style as vibrant, comfortable and transcending. I love to play dress up in my sneakers and stilettos. And I'm a sucker for unique pieces. 
Name something you cant live without?: This is HARD. But I would say my accessories because I feel that they can make any ordinary outfit stand out!
 Name: Darletha
 How would you describe your style?: Evolving! It always represents my inspirations at the time.
Name a piece of clothing/accessory you can't live without?: Heels! God bless the person who invented them!
Name: Paige
How would you describe your style?: My feelings are expressed through my style, so however way I wake up feeling that's how I dress. Overall I would categorize it as a pretty grudge look. I have an obsession for pastel colors, they're just so beautiful! 
Name something you can't live without?: Anything leopard!! It's so timeless and will never go out of style. 

Name: Raven
How would you describe your style?: Very casual chic, and effortless. I have diversity in my style. I can pull off the girly look or the "boyish" look.
Name something you can't live without?: My Nudie jeans! Love, love, LOVE them to death! You probably would never think to spend that much on a pair of jeans, but it's truly a good investment.

Name: Keilany
How would you describe your style?: I would describe it as Boho chic, I love to make statements with my accessories!!
Name something you can't live without?: Feather earrings, and heels!
Name: Tatiana
How would you describe your style?: My style is very free, there are no boundaries!
What is something you can't live without?: My Watch!
Name: Gaelle
How would you describe your style?: Classy, modest and eclectic. I like to work with colors that compliment each other not match each other. 
Name something you can't live without?: Oxfords, and dresses! (Especially floral dresses)
Name: Patricia (right hand side)
How would you describe your style?: I would describe myself as COMFORTABLE CHIC. I prefer comfort over killing myself, lol. 
Name something you can't live without?: silk tops, sheer tops, and blazers. I have a few blazers (black, leopard, and my moms vintage printed ones). These things always dress up an ordinary pair of flats, sandals, or wedges. 

...and these are just her heels!
Name: Aashay
How would you describe?: Girly chic but yet edgy 
Name something you can't live without?: Accessories! They're my sick obsession!

Name: Toni-lee
How would you describe your style?: With whatever I'm wearing I always keep it classy  
Name something you can't live without?: Rings and a really high pump!
Name: Racquel
How would you describe your style?: My style is fierce and fabulous! You should always dress to impress because you never know who you might run into
What is something you can't live without?: I can't live without an amazing pair of heels I'm addicted to them!

A letter to the readers..

I'm loving the diversity in everyone's style! It's so cool because our style is describing our personality in a sense. Ever had an essay to do for class? Of course you did! Remember going through two or more rough drafts and playing around with words until you were able to come up with a finished product? Well it's the same with clothes! Want to know what works for you? When you go to the mall next time take the time out to try different clothes on in the fitting room. Play with different looks and try to build outfits. Bring more than one size of an item to see which fits better with your body type. Don't worry you don't have to do it alone, it's always reassuring to have a second opinion so bring an honest friend along. If your someone who likes to shop on your own like I do, you can always ask an employee who works there for advice on something your trying on. There are also usually mannequins in the store that always have on great looks!

In the words of Coco Chanel; "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."
What does your style say about you?

Yours truly,
Xoxo -B
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