April 2, 2016

jazz in the gardens: favorite moments

Hey hey Stingers!
I had the opportunity of doing media coverage for Jazz in the Gardens this year and it was amazing! For those of you who may not know, Jazz in the gardens is a two day festival where people come from all over to enjoy live performances by various artist, delicious food, and great company. This is my first year attending/working the event so I wasn't sure what to expect. Everyone who was behind the scenes running around and making sure everything went smoothly were all so nice and helpful. Although the weather wasn't so great, being able to finally see people like Usher, Charlie Wilson and Janelle Monae was worth it.

Jazz in the Gardens was filled with so many highlights its hard to narrow it down. But if i must, here is a list of my top 5 favorite moments of Jazz in the Gardens!

Usher + Babyface
While Baby face performed "every little step," a familiar face jumped on stage and to everyone's surprise it was Usher. If that wasn't enough they ended the number with a very cool dance duo.

I've seen Babyface once before in concert so I figured it would just be a repeat. Boy was I wrong, Babyface is such a renovator. He reminded us all that night that he still has it!

Janelle Monae
I have always been a fan of Janelle's music and let me tell you she didn't disappoint. Although it was raining badly while she was on stage she did her best to keep the crowd entertained. Janelle Monae was definitely worth the wet hair!

Charlie Wilson
Of course Charlie Wilson gave us a show, I didn't expect anything less. He is king of R&B and he made sure we didn't forget that.

Usher, Usher, Usher
Hats down to the man of the hour! Usher brought the house down with such an amazing performance! Words cannot even describe, you had to be there! He's such a great performer! That night it didn't matter where you were in the crowd he made everyone feel like they were up close and personal, including me! It is definitely an experience I will never forget!

If you didn't have a chance to attend this year, you honestly missed out! I'm not sure what the line up will be for next year but I'm sure of this; I will definitely be attending, and you should too!

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