January 12, 2013

Something New.

 Shen Yun: "The beauty of divine beings dancing"

This was my first time attending The Shen Yun show and it went pretty well. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show; it's a production that was created to revive the essence of 5000 years of civilization that consist of a collection of dance groups, vocal and instrumental solo pieces. The show also included beautiful costumes, exciting music and high flying techniques. I personally enjoyed the interaction with the backdrops, and how in-sync the dancers were.
The orchestra did a phenomenal job with each and every piece and the colors to match each scene was breathtaking. Overall, it was a good experience because I never attended something like this. I'm not sure if I would attend a performing arts show relating to Chinese culture again, but I do recommend for everyone to try something new. It's ok to step out of your comfort zone or do what you're not use to.
After the show, my good friend and I went out for dinner.
 Printed trousers are definitely having a moment, don't you think? My mom took me shopping and amongst a few other things she purchased this pair of lovely trousers for me! I love the modern feel to it and I enjoyed pairing them up with this blouse especially for the show. The buttons on my blouse made  it look as if I was wearing asian style clothing. For accessories I went pretty simple as always, I stuck to just pearl studs and a snake print clutch. 

 My date for the night! (:

Blouse The Limited, Trousers Worthington, Heels Bakers Shoes

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