February 27, 2016

she believed that she could, so she did.

Hey stingers, I'm hoping that everyone had a great week. I'm still recovering from one of the best weeks of my life. I had the opportunity of attending New York Fashion Week for the first time, like ever! The feeling that I experienced is indescribable. It's always been a short term goal of mine to have the opportunity to attend fashion week. Not only did I attend shows, I was able to cover shows as media/press on behalf of a company. I interviewed various designers, and also got access to witness all the chaos backstage. The weather was a little irritating because it played a huge role in how I had to get dressed. The temperature didn't go higher than 52 degrees while I was in NY, so you can only imagine how a Miami girl like me was feeling.

I'm really into monochromatic looks lately. There's just something so classic about the same color from head to toe. It almost looks uniformed. I love this shade of green, I bought both pieces separate and realized they paired perfectly. My snakeskin pumps are a recent purchase from Nine West. (I definitely plan on wearing them often!) My fury accessory was a big hit, I definitely think it completed the outfit perfectly. I'm honestly still in disbelief that I had a chance to attend fashion week. Can you believe just a month ago I was sitting here typing my goals for 2016 and one of them stated, "to attend fashion?" How crazy is that?? It just goes to show that when you truly start believing in the Lord and in yourself anything is possible! Stop thinking negative thoughts and thinking that, "that will never be me, I don't have what it takes.." because you do. Put out positivity and positivity will come right back to you. Trust in God, and the plan that He has over your life, because it's always going to be larger than the one you have for yourself.

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