August 4, 2011

Threads of Trends: Color Blocking

The fashion trend that hit the scene in spring 2011. Color blocking is so fun and refreshing to play with! It's a trend that came out back in the 1960's and was known as "mod fashion" As we all know history repeats itself and with that we mean fashion too! 

love this look..!!

Color blocking can be really tricky. Even through you are mixing colors together you have to make sure the colors contrast. Understanding the color wheel helps. It's also knowing what works for you and what colors look good on you. I haven't tried the color blocking as of yet but it's something I'm definitely looking forward to trying!


  1. I love color blocking, I'm still trying to figure out which colors I'll like to play with. My favorite color blocked outfit is from Single Ladies. When Val wore that t-shirt in a stretch knit in a bright magenta color, a pencil skirt and a molded belt at the waist! It was really well put together.

  2. Yeah I seen that look and it was hot! Just pick to colors that 1, go good with your skin tone and 2 compliment each other! Know to either stay bright or to stay in dull colors. (:


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