August 7, 2011

Flappers age : 1920's

So I've decided to take a deeper look into fashion and see when it all began.. I have always been the one to say I was so born in the wrong era! Maybe I would have fit in more in the 1960's known as "mod fashion" or the 1940's when it was all about vintage wear. Either way there is no doubt fashion was more than just clothes to women, it became a lifestlye...

1920's fashion was brought to my attention when I recently took up a jazz dance class. I was obsessed with Fosse and other fun dance crazes such as the charleston and shimmy. While studying this form of dance I couldn't help but notice the sense of fashion in the 1920's it was so elegant and ladylike. Clothing was worn rather loose, no bosom or waistline was shown and your hair would be nearly covered under a cloche hat.

One of my favorite eras to look for fashion inspiration is the 1920's, it's filled with glitter and sass! Women were jumping out and taking a chance with style that would change the way we looked at fashion forever!




   It may be a little difficult to incorporate the 1920's look into your wardrobe so here are 3 helpful tips into making it happen!



         1. Pearls - Now this is a definite must, it's just the finishing touch to complete the look! Now since the dresses were usually rather simple women accessorized to the T! If your looking to purchase pearls however I would recommend forever 21, or Charlotte Russe. That's where I bought mine and they are super cheap!

       2. Elegant hairpiece - Whether it has feathers, sparkling stones or just a simple hat adding a hair piece to your outfit is definitely fitting to the 1920's look. You can wear it with pinned up look or finger waves.  

 3. Sequins - Us ladies know how much we looove sparkling shiny things...and no I'm not talking about a diamond ring!! Sequins played such a big role in the 1920's fashion era. It can add a lot of "umph" to your outfit. Whether it's in your handbag, dress, or even shoes! Just make sure not to go crazy and do all three!!

   Notice how a majority of women in the 1920's wore 
their hair rather short, it gave them such a sophisticated look, I recently cut all my hair off and and now I can't wait to play around with different hairpieces!


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