August 24, 2011

Fall Fashion For Back To School

Yes! Girls it's my favorite time of the year....Fall!! It's definitely not because of the weather. Fall fashion is the best,  What's great about this season is that many of the things you wore for the summer you can recycle and use! And since we are just getting back into school these few pics and tips will definitely have you looking above average!!
The maxi dress is definitely a summer look we can bring into the fall,
just throw on a cutoff denim jacket and your good to go!
Pair up a colored maxi skirt with a striped tank

For a more polished look you can do a pair of hammer pants with a light boho top
and flats

Cheetah is back this season, you can pair it up with a boyfriend button-up
and cute flats

Wedges are very comfortable especially if your classes are not near one another

Your School is the fashion show, the hallways are your runway. So experiment
with fashion and have fun!

My back to school fall look (:

I paired up a simple button top, green pants and tan boots for my fall look
what do you guys think of my jockey look?

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