December 9, 2012

It's A Celebration Every Time We Link Up!

My good friend Shannon celebrated her 21st birthday at STK on South Beach last night. The girls and I were determined to make this birthday one she'd never forget and I have to say, last night was the most fun I've had in a while! The DJ was on point with his playlist for the night, and so was food. We had originally planned to go to Art Basel afterwards but tickets were sold out and my chances of spotting Jay and Beyonce in person would never become reality. 

My outfit for the night was a pair of leather leggings, a loose black blouse, a camel colored blazer and knee high boots. I was going for a fierce look, which I think I executed pretty well. *pats self on the back* My boots are my new found obsession, I literally want to put them on everywhere I go now! I won't say they're all that comfortable, at least until they're broken in. I purchased the boots at Bakers for under $60. I love a great deal!

I didn't accessorize with this look because I didn't want to take away from my boots; which is the focal point of my outfit. Although I thought it was pretty daring to do leather on leather with my tights and boots paired together, it actually came out nice and not too much. I wanted to channel my inner Kim Kardashian for the night and my leather boots were the perfect touch!

Snippets of our night!

Check out the shoe game though.. (:

How did you all like my look? How would you wear  knee length boots? 
Feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. ` you looked beautiful with your friends. love it -christy.

  2. Glad you guys had fun!

    You look super cute!



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