October 18, 2012

Solange Embodies The Sapeurs Style.

Recently gaining an interest for black and african art, Solange was inspired by the Sapeurs culture to take a different approach with music videos today. She had a vision for her latest video "Losing you" and it had everything to do with capturing the style of Sapeurs. Solange believes that it goes beyond fashion, it's more of a movement that was created. Your posture has to be a certain way and you have to be dressed in a type of way as well. It's about having grace, edict, and portraying that in every way. The video illustrates just that, a group of rather dapper men walking the streets of Cape Town exposing their nice pair of socks and pastel colored suits.

I admire the pant suits that Solange is wearing throughout the video. It allows her to still portray her feminine side, while bringing a little masculine style into the mix.

The video is an honest reflection of Solange's transformation into 1960's fashion and retro centric hairstyles, with various mixture of prints. The creative looks were all inspired by Mickalene Thomas, who wanted to represent a mixture of cultures. Wardrobe designers included; Diane Von Furstenburg, Opening Ceremony, J.Crew, Kenzo, and Suno.

Her sound, look and genre of music is completely different from what's out there and I think that's why I love it. Although I'm not a major fan of R&B, I do credit good music. The direction her music is taking is more of a soulful, "Diana Ross" kind of vibe and it definitely works for her.

Want to get Solange's Look?

Watch the "Losing You" video below!

Now, is it me or is Solange upstaged by the Sapeur men?!
Their style is on another level! 

What are your thoughts on the fashion in this video??
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