October 7, 2012

Singin' The Blues.

Blazer forever21(old) blouse cotton on (old) jeans levi's (old) clutch (a gift) shoes (shoeicide)

Last night, I went out for my best friend's 23rd birthday. We surprised her at a very lovely restaurant that she was only expecting to be seated for two. The food was great and so was the company, I believe we all enjoyed ourselves. Ok, let's talk fashion. I got these beautiful babies delivered to me a few days ago, courtesy of Shoeicide and instantly fell in love. Never mind how gorgeous they are, but these blue suede platform heels were probably one of the most comfortable shoes I wore in a long time. It wasn't even necessary to purchase soles for my feet at the drugstore or have to remove my heels by the end of the night. My feet weren't doing the "slip n slide" either, ha ha! The blue was definitely what I wanted to stand out in my look, so I decided to wear a green blouse with pink accents. Notice that my blouse is only tucked in the front, and I threw on a white blazer to look more put together. Accessories wasn't too necessary, I'm wearing a very simply long beaded chain and a watch. Wearing dark washed jeans would only blend in with my shoes so I made sure to go with either a lighter or mid-wash. I added a little pink lip color to offset the pink in my shirt and my orange clutch to contrast with the shade of blue on my heels. 

Peep the shoe game!

Cute snippets of the night!

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  1. What a gorgeous outfit! I love your hair! :)

    I'd be really happy if you'd stop by my blog as well. :)
    Pink Fox


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