October 1, 2012

Reality TV: Tia & Tamera

 Isn't it funny how reality TV shows are everything but that? "Reality?" The truth is there is editing, over exaggerating, and set ups that have to be done just for a little something called ratings. That's not the case for these two identical twin sisters who we grew to love on the hit show,  "Sister, Sister". This reality series takes you inside the lives of Tia and Tamera Mowry, as they learn how to balance their successful acting careers with major life changes of marriage and motherhood.  The twins are normally private people and don't like to expose their personal lives for the world to see. They are very careful of what they showcase on "Tia & Tamera." Their husbands remain separate from the show as the ladies refuse to document their marriages onscreen.   

Hubby Talk

"My marriage is very important to me, and I don't want anything getting in the way of that. And I think certain things with your relationship need to remain private and special. "When you're on a reality show, everything is showcased. It takes away the special qualities that I think is important for any type of marriage."- Tia Mowry-Hardrict

People have a lot to say about Tamera's husband Adam Housley. That he's ugly, they don't make a cute couple, he looks to old for her and all that other mess. My take on it is if the man treats you with respect, and your family, a gentlemen, can support you and he truly makes you happy what's the problem? They seem genuine on screen, and I love that he is the opposite of her. They balance each other out and he knows how to calm her down when she needs it.

Sister, Sister

What I love the most about watching Tia and Tamera is seeing how honest they are in front of the camera. They don't try to put on this acting role and play these perfect people with a perfect life. They go through things and hurt the same way we do. I mean seriously, what siblings don't fight?! They try to find the root of the problem and they try to fix it. While still working on their communication skills, these sisters always stay true to each other and themselves. 

Work it, Love it, Style it.

The ladies are both very stylish. I love the modesty and classiness in their looks. If I would have to go with my favorite it would be Tamera. She is a little more on the trendy side. She likes prints, bold colors and BoHo looks. It just goes to show that their different, not only in their personalities but  style too!

Oh, Baby!

This past week, Tamera attended her baby shower looking extremely stunning in her olive toned strapless dress. I love how she paired it up with delicate pieces if jewelry, and wore her hair up. It showed off her glow and her make up was nice and natural. She is so beautiful pregnant!

Make sure you guys all tune in on October 16th for all new episodes of Tia and Tamera. There is nothing negative about this reality, they wanted to make sure that their fans got as much "realness" as they could. These adorable twins give you just enough drama to keep you sucked in! I enjoy watching good, clean and fun TV. What about you, what shows do you enjoy watching and recording on your DVR's?

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