December 11, 2011

Style Watch: Kim Kardashian!

Kim K's style is definitely one of my favorites. There's no doubt that Kim knows how to dress to flaunt her curves and body type. Besides the fact that she ALWAYS looks flawless when photographed, she is always seen looking stunning! (Her make-up is always gorgeous!!) Wherever she is spotted she is usually expressing her signature style, which includes: a pair of designer shades and a blazer to complete her look! Her style is classically chic and very polished.  I'm obsessed with this woman due to her fashion choices and beauty. Judging by the buzz, it looks like everyone can't get enough of her. Whether a fan of Kim or not, you've got to admit she is truly a style icon!!!!

She is such a trendsetter. She has really made a chunky necklace a must have!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not much of a fan, but her fashion sense is UNDENIABLE!!!


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