December 6, 2011

Let's Do It 3 Ways!

From left to right: Forever21 shirt and blazer, Express wide legs, W shoes pumps, Express stockings, JcPenny pencil skirt, Forever21 necklace, Charlotte Russe capris, Steve madden flats.

When I'm buying an item I always want to make sure I'm able to wear it several different ways, you know just to get my money's worth. I like this top for that reason because I can incorporate it into so many looks depending on the occasion.

Flapper Girl

I LOVE this hairpiece!! It was a gift from a good friend of mine and I almost cried when I received it. Hahaha, of course tears of joy people. It reminds me so much of the flapper era back in the 1920's. Woman wore hair pieces and hats like it was a necessity! I think it was a nice addition to my sophisticated look, don't you think?


I am a firm believer in accessories can make or break an outfit. That saying can go for shoes as well, but in this scenario it's jewelry that's the target. I find this look to be rather simple but this statement piece really brought the outfit into a different light. Bows make anything cute! (:

The Tuxedo Blazer

Did I mention I'm obsessed with blazers?! It's funny because I've had this blazer for a while and I'm pretty sure it collected quite a few dust balls sitting there in my closet. Don't worry though, I dry cleaned it before attempting to wear it! I wanted to layer with this look cause of the wide legs and the fact that I didn't tuck the shirt in this time. Just a few tips if you do attempt to recreate this look, you can always accessorize even though I didn't. A chuncky necklace, and layer bangles together (gold) would go great with this look!

Now tell me, which look do you dolls like the best?


  1. Can't go wrong with the flapper girl but I'd definitely go with the preppy look!! It's clean, modest, and classy.. Just how I like it<3

  2. Love the preppy look!
    super cute and simple :)


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