November 4, 2011

Keeping up with Kourtney!

You may consider all three of the Kardashian sisters to be stylish but I can definitely say Kourtney takes the prize for the most "OMG jaw dropping" moments! She is such a fashionista. She takes risks and has a lot of fun with her outfits. Kourtney's style is very eclectic. She once told "OK!" magazine that everyday changes just like her mood. She likes to mix vintage with new and high with low. Wow! I can totally relate to her style! 

Get the look now!

One of Kourtneys' favorite trends is of course leopard! Leopard is a timeless piece and her grandmother always told her so. She was actually the main inspiration for the leopard print in their kardashian kollection. Below I have put together pieces to create a similar look to the one Kourt is wearing above!

And if you want some style advice take it from Kourtney herself, "Dress for your own body. There are so many trends every season but it's knowing what works for your body. Knowing what to accentuate and what to hide." 
She gives all the credit to her Grandmother. She says that's her style icon, she's just really chic.

Hey doll! (:

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