January 14, 2016

leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

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Sundays kick off with the usual; I attend church with my family and I normally have to rush to work right after. It's nice when I get a Sunday off to relax. This past Sunday, I went out for brunch with a few girlfriends. We enjoyed great food, sipping mimosas, and good conversation. It's always interesting to get amongst other young woman who have different backgrounds, views, and personalities from me. We covered just about any and every topic and I just love how although we all aspire to be different things in life we respect one anothers' profession and support it. Ok, so lets rewind to the beginning on how we all got acquainted. We're all mutual friends with someone who connects us all together, one day all of us met over dinner and instantly clicked. Everyone was just very genuine, inviting, and we have been setting dinner dates ever since! I enjoy surrounding myself with positive individuals that like to shed love and light with the people around them. But you know what? It also begins with you. Whatever type of vibe you give off determines how people will react
and it also will determine the type of people you attract. Treat people with kindness and kindness will follow you; show people love and love will be shown back to you. We all encounter hundreds of people a day, sometimes more. Whether its the first time meeting, its someone you regularly see or a complete stranger you'll never see again... Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

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