November 5, 2015

the colors of fall.

As the seasons change, so does my wardrobe. However, most of the time my location won't permit. I live in South Florida where its hot 350 days out of the year. Like this is not a joke you guys. Even if we get a cold front it's only in town for the weekend and by noon when you head out for lunch the sun is brighter than ever and the cool breeze is only a memory. So since I can't wear coats, scarves, and cute little ponchos, I'll at least try and play up the colors of the season. Fall is all about dark and earthy tone shades. I wore this adorable gray crop top I purchased from Topshop and paired it with a Loft fit and flare burgundy skirt. To give it more of a fall feel, I threw on some sheer tights and a black pair of booties. How are you guys liking my look? How are you able to dress for the season where you live? Please share, I would love to hear about it!

Xo, B


  1. To die for! Loving this blog.

  2. This is a such a pretty look! I wish it was warm all year round over here.


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