July 16, 2014

mixin' & matchin'.

An ongoing trend this season is mixing prints. I have to say, the very first time I attempted this trend I was a bit skeptical with how it would turn out. I figured out a few tips and tricks along the way that made it that much easier to conquer the mixing of prints. Not to worry stingers, I believe sharing is caring! So here are a few ways to successfully mix prints! Mix large or bold prints with smaller prints; That way there will be some sort of counter-balance. Make sure the colors work together; Try to keep them in the same color family. This will make the colors seem more cohesive as if they were meant to go together. Start off with something simple; Stripes are a neutral starting point and understated florals can be the easiest to pair with other prints. Use accessories to do the mixing; Try mixing with a cute pair of flats first, a fun scarf or printed belt. To be honest, there are so many factors that go into mixing prints. I don't claim to have all the answers because I'm still learning along the way myself. The trend can be a little tricky and the last think you want to do is leave the house looking as if you don't own a mirror. I mean let's be real, you might look a little crazy. If you have any additional tips feel free to share them in a comment below. I'm a firm believer in sharing the wealth. If I know how to look good wearing a trend I'll make it my business to tell everyone I can how to do it so we can look good together! I mean why not right? Life is way too short to waste time wearing bad outfits. Top-Peter Pilotto, Skirt-Peter Pilotto,Charlotte Russe, Clutch-Forever21


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