January 6, 2012

The President Shirt

Forever21skirt & blouse, Express blazer & leggings, Steve Madden flats & bag.

I had this shirt for years! I am a religious repeater. I honestly believe in getting a kick out of a buy. With that being said, I'm always finding an alternative way to wear an item. When I woke up this morning I thought to myself, how would Olivia Palermo wear this? She loves accessories such as cocktail rings, and I do as well so it worked out perfectly. Since the skirt is super short, I decided to pair it up with leggings to create more of a classy look. Many may not agree, but I predict that president tops will become a classic piece in the near future. I mean let's face it, history repeats itself and they've been around since George Washington was in office! Haha, I crack myself up! Anywho, another great option is pairing up the blouse with wide leg pants, or a high waisted pencil skirt. Whatever look you go with, you'll be super chic! Have a great weekend guys!

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