January 28, 2012

Introducing Men's Style: Ryan Gosling

He won our hearts over and made us cry in the romance novel turned to film, The Notebook and has made us laugh ridiculously hard in Crazy, Stupid, Love. See why Ryan Gosling has all of Hollywood buzzing about him!

I've realized that women celebrities are talked upon more than the men. Why you may ask? Well for starters, they practically all dress the same, no one has caught our eyes in a while. Ryan, however changed all that last year. Dreamy, gorgeous, cute, of course he's all of those things! But he is also a man of individual style, which makes him even more appealing! From his tailored looks on the red carpet, to his   
casual polished looks off,  Ryan's effortless sense of style is sexy.

Ryan Gosling is the ONLY guy I know who can pull off a green suit from head-to-toe!! If you want to get his look, keep it clean. Go for preppy and a little bit of an old hollywood twist. Ryan has managed to transform menswear classics.

Below I have put together a "Ryan look."

Places to shop this look:
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