September 10, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: The Cast Of 90210

Fashion has evolved since then...

Left to right: Audrina, Naomi, Sliver, and Annie
Every tuesday night you know where to find me; I'm sitting down on my couch with my eyes glued to the T.V. watching this great remake of a classic TV show. Am I the only one ridiculously obsessed with this show?! Well just in case you guys have been living under a rock for the past decade the 90210 is a 1990 hit series that was re-made in early 2008. It picks up right where it started, a group of friends experiencing crazy high school life together! With all the drama going on I can't get enough! Will Annie and Liam stay together or will they break up? Is Naomi going to really take the title of a "babymama" and go through with the pregnancy.. and will Audrina and Sliver ever speak again?? But what really caught my attention with this show was mainly the fashion, I mean hello this is Beverly Hills we're talking about! It's the fashion capital! Each character has her own unique style which sets her apart from the other. So here are some tips to pull off the looks of the cast of 90210.


Audrina character is known for trying to come off sweet and innocent but really isn't. Her look is what traps us in! Her style is very girly and polished. Because Audrina is very curvy she enjoys wearing pieces such as high waisted skirts to show off her hips or straight leg pants with a loose fitted blouse to balance out her shape.

To get her look you should play with a lot of prints but make sure if you do a print on the top stay solid on the bottom, also Audrina likes a pop of color in her look. Whether it's with her makeup or in her clothes/shoes. She carries a lot of simplicity in her outfits and never does too much.


Naomi is known as the "Regina" on campus for all my Mean Girls lovers. Well she isn't as bad as Regina as far as creating a burn book but she has made quite a few enemies along the way. She is super sophisticated with her high waisted trousers and blazer and because she is so tall and narrow she knows not too wear everything oh so tight to keep her from look too skinny.

To get Naomi's look you would have to definitely invest in some high waisted trousers! That's like her signature piece! She loves to bring attention to her long legs so if you decide to do a skirt make sure it's the appropriate length. With tops go for a collared button up or satin material blouses that can either be worn by itself or under a blazer. Naomi knows the importance of class and always looks well put together. "So four for you Glenn Coco you go Glenn Coco!!!"


Sliver is known for her loving attitude and interest in film. She isn't judgmental and thinks everyone has some type of good in them. Her style is street style chic with an edge! You can tell whatever Sliver wears she is comfortable in, and knows the perfect balance for pretty and grudge.

To get Sliver's look you have to think mixing menswear with girly items. Whether it's a mini skirt, heels or jewelry and pairing it up with an oversized blazer, loose fitting shorts or trousers she pulls the laid-back stylish look off so well and I really think it also has to do with her short haircut. Sliver proves that you don't have to be "" to get noticed, wear clothes that comfort you and not only to compliment. 


Annie is the main character of the show 90210. With her bubbly attitude and happy go lucky smile you just got to love her! Annie's style is your very own girl next door. She is I believe the most relatable character when it comes to fashion especially for college students. She is always dressed in the most adorable outfits and knows hows to dress to flatter her petite figure.

To get her look you can do looks like an oversized cardigan, a tank, & shorts or try a tunic with a flowy skirt. She likes to layer a lot & carry cross body bags. Her style is simple, casual and comfortable looking, without looking boring.  

 Which 90210 character style are you?

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