March 16, 2012

Vintage Prep.

 Life took me away from BStinger for a while, but I'm happy to be back! I really been trying to get my mind around managing my time better. It's definitely a task I haven't conquered yet. But enough about my shortcomings.  Let's talk fashion!  This snazzy little piece was purchased at Forever21. I actually wore this outfit on Sunday. It's a little boho meets preppy vintage. The shirt is actually long sleeve I scrunched it up to bring sort of a balance. How cute is my skirt by the way? I love it cause it gives me sort of a 50's feel. And to think, I got it at forever21 for only 13.50! Now that's a steal! The stripes go great with the navy blue skirt but if you choose to recreate this look, you can do it with a red skirt as well. My shoes are Diane Von Furstenburg, which were a gift from a good friend. They go with almost everything and are super comfy! 
My day was super busy I barely had time to come up for air partly because my regular Sunday visit to church was cut short by my attendance at another church. A friend of mine, who is now a pastor,  recently established his own ministry and I wanted to support him. The service was awesome, it's always a good feeling to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Later that day,  I went to work then ended up meeting with a friend of mine for her birthday dinner. So yes, this little outfit was versatile enough to transition through the day and for a variety of occasions.  

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